King Jr Qualities

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Honor is almost completely built off of differing combinations of somebody's personality. Some people might characterize honor as loyalty and respect, and others may perceive it as commitment and integrity. Honor could be translated in a million different ways, all just as priceless as the next. Ones possession of honor cannot be simply sold or deceivingly gained. Honor is a trait you eventually earn from life experiences and the people around you. An honorable person will stop at nothing to avoid unnecessary negativity, stay true to their word and treats others the way they, themselves would also like to be treated. Honorable people are necessities to this world because without them, this world would have nobody to look up to, nobody to guide the people into seeing the right state of mind. One of the most honorable men in American history, Martin Luther King Jr., would be a great example. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for what he believed was right and even accomplished it without violence, therefore remaining his integrity. Many people respect him because of the outstanding mark he left on history. In the end, he had thousands of followers defending him purely off of respect and honor.…show more content…
Leaders are required to lead their team into the direction they aspire to in a way that remains integrity and honor. They should be positive and erase all aspects of failing from their team members mind set. Leadership is important because when we doubt ourselves at any particular time, leaders can be the people to positively influence our choices into voluntarily accomplishing our wanted goal. Without our leaders, a wide majority of people wouldn't get that extra push they
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