How Did Martin Luther King Impact Society

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Martin Luther King Jr., an American Baptist minister and civil rights activist born on January 15 in 1929, was considered one of the most active fighters against social oppression and racial segregation. Martin’s influences originated from his parents, his home life, his education, and then his own personal experiences with racism. (Schloredt 10) These influences shaped Martin and his views on racism, and they were also what made him one of the most respected Civil Rights Leaders of all time. Civil Rights was an important influence on how people in society look at life now and how African Americans are being treated. Equality was a characteristic that was taken to court for years and years. People can now realize that they once didn’t have the same privileges they have today. Martin Luther King Jr. did a numerous amount of great things throughout his lifetime that positively affected the world we live in today. Marin Luther King Jr. could be seen as the epitome of non-violence, equality, peace, and even love. (Schloredt 13) It was clear that his philosophy and his beliefs really were true to the very last detail. He lived through an era where…show more content…
King had suffered the racial injustice of America at that time and was tired of the segregation. (Schloredt 10) Many public places, such as drinking fountains and toilets had the signs saying “For Whites Only” hung up. (Schloredt 10)As Martin grew up, he learned that these two races lived very separate lives. When going to a movie he could not sit down on the stairs that were reserved for the whites, and instead he had to go the back balcony. (Schloredt 10) The two races could not drink from the same water fountains and attended segregated schools. (Schloredt 10) (Jakoubek 59) Though the famous Rosa Parks made a clear statement when she refused to give her seat up, she did not make a difference as big as Martin Luther King Jr. did. (Schloredt
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