Does Jazz Put The Sin In Syncopation Summary

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The invention of the radio connected people around the country brining them together to listen and enjoy music. Music became widespread and the popular music of the times was jazz. In the article, "Does Jazz Put the Sin in Syncopation", the fear and disdain that those of older generations felt towards the popular music is voiced. It demonstrates the fear that people had with African Americans moving into popular culture. Labeling the music as "savage" and condemning due to its "evil influence," it seen as the source of young people's loss of morals. Jazz and African Americans become the scapegoat as more people began to spend their new found leisure time in dance halls and saloons. As African Americans began moving more towards the North is…show more content…
According to them, the Nordic American is a stranger in his own land that is being forced to adopt a culture that is not his own. To combat the increase in foreigners, the KKK changed their definition of the enemy to include those of different religions, Jews and Catholics, and the New-Stock Americans "of the socalled Nordic race". Their ideal American is the "Native, white, Protestant." The stark difference between the Roaring Twenties and the times of the Great Depression is exemplified through Herbert Hoover's "Financing Relief Efforts". The man came to presidency during a time when the American economy had taken a steep dive and that the average person was unemployed without a place to go. The Great Depression hit the non-farmers and bankers in the 30s. His laissez-faire way of thinking and those before held the idea that they way out of depression was not through government intervention but through local and state aid. Charities were called upon to help the everyday American. In comparison to the times Roaring Twenties were people were calling upon a raise moral, to that Hoover's call to action for every man to help

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