A Doll's House Is Nora A Hero Essay

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In the play A Doll’s House the character Nora is a woman who has never had to deal with hardship, always protected by her husband. She is portrayed as a helpless little song-bird that has everything she has ever wanted. When faced with confrontation with a man whom she borrowed money from by forging her dad's signature, she learns that this man Krogstad has every intention to tell her husband Torvald about this crime. Krogstad is blackmailing Nora to get Torvald to keep him hired after his promotion. This incites the problem at which this play is based on. Some argue that Nora is a heroic character in a tragic poem, but for this play to be tragic there would have to be a downfall of the main character. Nora never experiences a downfall, The play leads to a building tension where she might kill herself, yet that is avoided and all that occurs is her leaving her husband by her own will. If the ending where she died would have occurred this play could be considered tragic, but the outcome of this…show more content…
In the play Nora is not a hero, the whole state of this problem was her forging her dad's signature to get a loan from Krogstad. Not only did she break the law, she did nothing heroic after that. Saving her husbands life could be considered heroic, except nothing of that is in the play except for being talked about as history. Throughout the play Nora is jaded and acts different with everybody around her. With Torvald she plays the ditzy wife that knows nothing, with Mrs. Linde she acts as though she has a grasp on the world, and with Krogstad she acts as though he is below her. It isn't till the end of the play that you get to see the true Nora when she is serious and rational about leaving her husband, every other time in the play she is with someone and acts like a different person. For this reason she isn't heroic, she is fake and for her entire life avoided being the person she truly

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