How Did Martin Luther King Show Courage

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Martin Luther King Courage/bravery: Martin Luther king possessed many special traits and characteristics making him inspirational and the man he is. Martin Luther King showed courage in a huge way to everyone around the world. He is a great role model to look up to and was always inspirational. Martin Luther King showed courage by not giving up, standing for what he believed in. For example he was arrested around 30 times and that didn't stop him from giving up on what he started. Nothing could prevent Martin Luther king from his goals. He would not stop and rest, fighting for his goals and accomplishments until they were met. Martin Luther King also showed promising bravery. It took mass amounts of courage to stand up to thousands, of people…show more content…
trusted him with every bone in their bodies. They had full confidence that he would be the one to put a stop to discrimination and segregation. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew how to captivate an audience. He saw a social problem in modern society and promised them he will end segregation and he kept his promise. They were willing to follow him and trust him and in the end they were rewarded with the end of segregation. Protector: Martin Luther King was a massive protector to his fellow race as he was their role model and leader. He was a real man a he offered protection. Martin Luther King is surrounded by people who rely on him, and Martin Luther King derives much satisfaction from providing and giving to his people. Martin Luther King has a very strong need for security and he places his people safety first. He was motivated to be a protector by seeing the injustice in America of how black were treated unfairly. Kindness: Martin Luther king showed kindness in a great of many ways. This quality made him a valuable person. He workout problems and conflicts with kindness and love as opposed to hate and violence, thus demonstrating the importance of peaceful actions and proved how effective and successful peaceful movements can be over
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