Foreshadowing In The Kite Runner

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Sometimes a secret is needed in order to maintain a family. The brotherhood bond between Amir and Hassan is unbelievable for the worlds in which they come from. Hassan is a great friend to his master/friend Amir, only to find out later that they were truly brothers. Hassan always treated Amir like family, but Amir did not treat Hassan the same way; Amir was always jealous of Hassan. Hosseini uses the character Hassan to demonstrate the literary devices of foreshadowing and symbol to show the inevitable bonds of family. Hassan is a loyal servant who would do anything for Amir, even when his heart tells him it is not right. Hassan never wanted to shoot the slingshot, but when Amir asks he does; "I talked Hassan into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbors one-eyed German Shepherd," (Hosseini 21). Hassan goes against his own beliefs when Amir says to do something. Hassan genuinely admires and obeys Amir. Although Hassan loves Amir, Amir still goes against Hassan by hiding money under Hassan's mattress so he will get in trouble for stealing it. When Baba asks Hassan of he took the money, he says "yes", even though he didn't take it (Hosseini…show more content…
Hassan says to Amir in the beginning of the book, "for you a thousand times over," (Hosseini 183). This foreshadows Hassan's loyalty to Amir and he would do everything for him. Up until Hassan's last breath, Hassan loved Amir; he wrote letters to Amir and stuck with him. In one of the Hassan's letters to Amir, he mentions how the pomegranate tree hasn't made fruit in years, (Hosseini 236). The pomegranate tree in the letter symbolizes Hassan's and Amir's friendship. The tree hasn't grown fruit, but it is not dead; Hassan and Amir haven't talked in years, but their relationship is not dead. Hassan and Amir have had a rocky relationship, but they always will love each

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