Universal Health Care Is No Cure All Essay

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Universal healthcare has been a debatable subject for some time now. The two editorials evaluated included Why Universal Health Care Is No Cure All and Why Universal Health Care Is Essential For a More Equitable Society. In each of these articles the claim is supported by a reason which is supported through evidence. Through the evaluation of these articles I have come to the conclusion that Why Universal Health is Essential for a More Equitable Society is based more thoroughly on objectivity. In the article Why Universal Health Care Is No Cure All the introduction states that the United States is doing much better than countries who are implementing universal healthcare into their system. The reason states that while universal healthcare increases access to health services there is still the problem of quality over quantity. The statistical evidence provided supports the progress that Obama Care has improved such as increased efficiency, cost…show more content…
The claim also states that the idea that is upheld by our competitive culture, that healthcare is a personal choice instead of a human right, is unjust and unsustainable for a more equitable society. The statistical evidence produced supports the claim by showing that we are experiencing the biggest wage gap since the late 1970s and the largest concentration of wealth since the 1930s. In addition, analogical evidence, supported by ethos, stated in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1967 speech comparing the implementation of lunch counters to the "... issues that will demand a radical redistribution of economic and political power". The counterclaim produces an action plan through public tax-based financing of healthcare and economic redistribution. I believe that this article is based on objectivity and strong

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