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First of all, our group has chosen “The Founder’’ as our movie that we are going to analyze and relate the management concept that we have learnt. This movie is rated 7.2/10 by IMDb and 83% by Rotten Tomatoes. This movie is mostly about our second and fourth topic which is Planning and Organizing. For us, this movie is interesting because it teaches us on how a company grow and evolves using the concept of Planning and Organizing. Ray Kroc is a traveling salesman selling milkshake mixers brand Prince Castle in 1954 without much success. While he has a supportive wife, Ethel, and had saved enough to live a simple and comfortable life in Arlington Heights, Illinois, he craves more. After learning that a drive-in in San Bernardino is ordering…show more content…
So, they practiced the system with their workers at tennis court. They trained nearly 6 hours until they have agreed to choose that they call as “Speedee Service System” that are suitable for many fast food restaurants. They set strict rules for franchisees on how the food was to be made, portion sizes, cooking methods and times, and packaging. In this system, the workers have their own roles such as grilled a burger, frying potatoes and more. That system can make a set of fresh hamburgers and ready to be served in 30 seconds…show more content…
Organizational structure can be defined as the arrangement and interrelationship of the component parts and positions of a company. Based on this theory from James A.F. Stoner/Charles Wankel, Ray Kroc played by Michael Keaton has create their own organizational structure to ease their manager to supervise the flow of the business, to ensure the manager give the information to CEO/President (Ray Kroc) properly. There are six departmentalization based on the management which is Functional departmentalization, Product departmentalization, Geographic Departmentalization, Customer departmentalization, Network structure and Matrix structure. Each departmentalization has their own roles to make a business run smoothly at the same time ease the fellow manager to communication with CEO/President. Based on this movie, Ray Kroc has use geographic departmentalization for his company to ease each manager or vice president from other branches to communicate with him. Geographic departmentalization is the best organizational structure in product or any fast food. Geographic departmentalization is focuses on the location of activity. This arrangement brings together in one department all activities performed in the region where the unit conducts its business and typically used when there is a need to differentiate products or services in various locations, such as different regions of a

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