Essay: 3 Three Challenges That Global Cities Face

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3) Challenges that global cities face (1)When talking about London one of the issues we discussed was how it is becoming more and more globalized. This provides mixing of cultures and economics but also provides some concerns. The Friedman reading discussed the idea that the way a city is integrated within the world economy will affect how it is laid out. The more globzabied a city get the more its authenticity is at risk and the mixing a different groups can cause social tensions. (2) Another theme that was discussed about London was its need to plan for the evolution of a global city in the modern world. As dissues in Emmerji’s paradox as cities become more Urban there are more opportunities for education, comfort, medical care, employments…show more content…
They made my critically think and seeing things I originally thought as beneficial from a different presence . (1) The first being the negative side of globalization. Since globalization is driven by the private sector and focuses on trying to maximize profits. Global cities need to meet specific criteria or certain business can be outsourced. This leads to impoverished cities and governments; thus leading it increased unemployments, drugs, crime, and violent communities. (2) Technology is normally seened a form of progress but it allow for people to produce more with less efforts which threatens to decreased people’s efficiently, creativity, and organization skills.(3) Often, competition is view as an answer to problems (especially in American culture- economy and social systems thrives on competition) and is a major source for globalization. Competition can lead to negative social repercussions- there is always a loser in competition. It devalues cooperation in global cities, markets, and politics. These paradoxes gives me the biggest concern because it made me realize how wrong we can view things in a complicated global society. No theory or planning strategy forms to all types of global cities and what is great in one city can be detrimental in

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