Importance Of Internet In Society

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Anonymity: A massive communication channel allows the sender to reach a large, heterogeneous and anonymous audience. Because of the number involved, the auditor is a mixed group and the sender cannot personally know most of them. Producers of a webcast, a web site, an online newspaper or a popular corporate website cannot recognize the individual members of the audience who will visit their sites. Audience members, on their part, may also not know the sender of such messages or information on the Internet. In addition, what can be more anonymous to the cyber experience where people share their views and messages with other people who have not seen and met outside the virtual world of the internet? For example, when a producer of media content…show more content…
It is produced in a social process in a given institutional setting based on the ideas, values, interests and knowledge of their producers, as their early manufacturers and their subsequent producers. In this process we should include technology users who adapt and adapt technology instead of adopting it and, by doing so, modify it and produce it in an endless process of interaction between technological production and social use. So to evaluate the relevance of the internet in society we must remember the specific features of the internet as a technology. Then we have to put it in the context of the transformation of the general social structure, as well as in relation to the cultural characteristics of this social structure. Indeed, we live in a new social structure, the global network society, characterized by the growth of a new culture, of the culture of…show more content…
However, there are specific effects on changing the communication system's capacity to be organized around streams that are interactive, multimodal, asynchronous or synchronous, global or local, and from many to many, from people to people, from people to objects, and From objects to objects, always relying on the semantic network. As these characteristics affect the specific systems of social relations it has to be established by the research and this is what I tried to present in this text. What is clear is that without the Internet we would not have seen the development of large-scale networking as the fundamental mechanism of social structuring and social change in every area of social life. The Internet, the World Wide Web, and a variety of increasingly wireless-based networks constitute the technological infrastructure of the network company, as the electrical network and electric motor were the support system for the form of social organization that we conceived as the Industrial Society. Thus, as a social construction, this technological system is open, as network society is an open form of social organization that conveys the best and worse in people. However, global networking society is our society and understanding of its logic based on the interaction between culture, organization and technology in the formation and development of social and technological networks is a key area of

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