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Julius Caesar was an incredibly important person and his leadership affected the world in many ways. Gaius Julius Caesar was a brilliant general, statesman, tactician, leader and more. His actions were extremely important in the rise of the Roman Empire, the greatest and most powerful Empire the world has ever seen. He conquered vast amounts of land, established a calendar that after being slightly modified has become the most popular calendar in the world, wrote a journal that has become very important in the teaching of the Latin Language, and even more. The day of his death was a very sad day in Roman history and today is now associated with bad luck. Julius Caesar was much loved among the people and he was posthumously deified and was considered…show more content…
or July 13 100 B.C. to the prestigious Julia gens. Julius was born in a time of turmoil and unrest. Not much is known about his childhood but Julius Caesar’s father died when he was about 15 years old. Around this time Julius got married to Cornelia Cinna Minor (The daughter of a powerful leader named Marius) and this was much to the displeasure of Sulla (Rome’s dictator at the time) who forced Julius and Cornelia to get a divorce. Sulla disliked anyone involved with Marius. Julius refused to get a divorce and he joined the Roman army to escape Sulla. Julius joined the Roman army in a leadership position and he served with distinguishment and quickly rose through the ranks, this military success was only a sign of things to come. He left the military and due to the fact that Sulla had died, he could return to Rome, he got a job as a lawyer and he was well known for his speaking skills. On a trip to Greece, Julius was kidnapped by pirates, the pirates demanded 20 talents (Roman system of measuring currency) but Julius suggested that the pirates asked for 50 talents, this was certainly a sign that he thought highly of himself and it was possibly his confidence that made him so successful. Julius kept a friendly relationship with his kidnappers and he even joked about killing them once he let them go. When he was freed he raised a small fleet and captured the pirates, he took back his money and crucified the kidnappers; He was certainly a man of his

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