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Throughout time and culture, the interpretation and meaning of honor have changed. Honor is related to manliness, as well as the identity of men. Honor is such a meaningful appearance to men that they will do anything to exemplify this trait in the eyes of others. If we look closer to history, we note that honor pops up multiple times with divergent views. We use honor frequently in our day to day lives, but what precisely is an honor? If someone came up and asked, “what is honor?” the majority of the population would not be able to give the appropriate meaning. In the majority's opinion, honor is defined by one word: integrity. Integrity is a critical component in the concept of honor. In the play of Julius Caesar, one of the more important characters, Brutus, was an honorable man because of his honesty. If we do not have integrity, then we do not have honor.…show more content…
Remember back before when Americans used to duel each other to the death, simply to protect their honor? One of the most memorable incidents of honorable duels was when one of the New York’s governors died. On July 18, 1804, an extraordinary event between two political leaders happened. “Hamilton wanted to avoid the duel, but politics left him no choice. If he admitted to Burr's charge, which was substantially correct, he would lose his honor” (PBS). If Hamilton had left the duel, he would have lost his identity. Honor was such an important status back before the 1800’s that multiple people died. The incident was one hundred percent preventable, but Hamilton chose to duel it out. In fact, this showed that being honorable had a higher position than

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