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There are many unquestionable subjects in life. The sun rises and sets. The calendar runs from January to December. Seasons progress from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, and back to winter. People grow and change throughout their existence on Earth. And Julius Caesar is a distinguished leader and role model. Caesar is one of the greatest leaders in ancient times because of his lifelong connections in politics, his unstoppable ability to defeat, conquer, and control, and the approbation he achieved among many people. First and foremost, Julius Caesar was always politically connected in some way. Starting at the young age of sixteen, it is stated in The Great Conquerors: Julius Caesar by Thomas K. Grose that he married…show more content…
In the article The Great Conquerors: Julius Caesar by Thomas K. Grose, he demonstrates his undefeatable military tactics that lead him to conquering others repeatedly. Thomas K. Grose says “Caesar was used to taking big risks- and winning.” (1). One of these big risks was achieving his greatest coup, crossing the Rubicon to enter Rome and take control, thus creating monarchial rule for years to come (2). Caesar had already invaded and conquered Lusitania, vanquished the Helvetii, Belgae, Nervii, and Venetian tribes, and demolished chieftain Vercingetorix’s quarter-million warriors with just fifty thousand troops of his own (3, 4). Caesar later created civil war, and won countless times against Pompeian legions, even though Caesar only had twenty thousand troops compared to Pompey’s fifty thousand (4). The civil war continued for another two years, but Caesar still pulled through (4). He had incredible tactics and strategies, as well. He often lead from the front, spearheading charges and encouraging his men (3). Caesar mastered blitzkrieg-style offense, and made first-rate decisions, which created fearless legions (3). For these reasons, supported by evidence from The Great Conquerors: Julius Caesar, Caesar is undoubtedly one of the greatest leaders of ancient…show more content…
Almost everybody liked him, or at least approved of him. As stated in The Great Conquerors: Julius Caesar by Thomas K. Grose, he was a legendary womanizer, and had wives, concubines, and mistresses (2). In fact, he even had an affair with Cleopatra in the midst of his own civil war, which resulted in a child named Caesarion (5). Because he was such a great military strategist, he quickly won the favor and respect of his troops (3). He was a kind leader, as well. He fought with his troops, and endured all the hardships with them- heat, cold, hunger, and more; he also gave his men gifts (3). Who wouldn’t like a leader that rewarded his men for their hard work? This resulted in Caesar’s troops being hugely devoted to him (3). Moreover, he had a numerous amount of supporters in the Senate, which helped him accumulate multiple honors, such as being declared a deity (5). Ironically, he was still stabbed by a group of sixty senators on March 15, 44 B.C. (5). The Romans were shocked that their beloved Caesar was dead, and were filled with sorrow and astonishment (5). Those who took the throne after him were called “Caesar”, probably in respect and admiration (5). By and large, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leaders in all of his citizens’ and descendants’ eyes, as

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