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Ancient Rome III The 200 years from the reign of Augustus until the death of Marcus Aurelius are known as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Although there were wars during this period, the majority of the period was filled with peace and prosperity. There was no such thing as a roman emperor. We just use that word today to describe the single man who, from Augustus on, had total power as opposed to shared like the republic. Emperors used names like Imperator, Princeps, Augustus, and Caesar. Praetorian Guard was an elite quad assigned to guard the commander’s tent. Augustus made it into the emperor’s army, who served as police in Rome and other Italian cities. There was crisis in the third century, due to fights over who would be the future ruler, threats from other areas, and bad economy. This changed Rome drastically. Generals fought for control, leaving no one…show more content…
He took power, and promoted the idea that leaders were directly linked with gods. Diocletian decided that the empire was too big to be ruled by one man, so he recruited a co-leader. Each took the title of Augustus, and appointed apprentices titled Caesar. When Augustus died, Caesar would replace him. Conflict broke out after Diocletian retired about who would be the new Caesars. Constantine took over the west, then the east, reuniting Rome for the last time. He moved the capital to Constantinople, and in doing so, parted the east and west. He made Christianity the official religion of Rome, and adapted Rome to fit Christianity. Constantinople also became a very important city in many time periods. It has had many names, but is modernly called Istanbul. The Eastern Roman Empire had Constantinople and owned lots of land. Justinian was a great emperor who took much land for the Byzantine Empire, but most was taken back after his death. Constantinople then fell to the Ottoman Turks, and they ruled for a couple

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