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Is revenge always the answer? Is it always better for your health and are you always going to rest in peace when you seek revenge? When you seek revenge will you ever forget? In this paper, I will argue that it’s better for society to forgive than always seeking revenge because you will live a longer happier live. The book “Stuck in Neutral” by Terry Trueman talks about a guy who has been teased, bullied, and told many harsh things because of his condition which is cerebral palsy, but he still practices forgiveness. The author says that “people call me a retard. Everybody who knows me everybody who sees me everybody who even gets near me would tell you that I'm dumb as rock” (4).It is an accepted belief that it would be ok to call people retarded and hurt their feelings but in the book Shawn forgives them and just forgets what they…show more content…
Some may argue that people who made fun of Shawn should receive some punishment but the truth is that it would get worse and a lot of people would pick on him and tease him regardless. Additional evidence is that when Shawn was about to burned by the two bullies and Paul comes in and he beats them up that he almost burned them alive. Trueman states that, “he looked like a machine, pounding away. His veins were about to pop and his fists were covered with blood” (58). It is not good for your health when your veins are about to pop out and your hands are bleeding by beating somebody up. Some may argue that if Paul had burned the bullies he would forget and would be happy about it but the truth is that he wouldn’t be able to forget about it and he would always feel guilty remembering the whole scenario. According to the article “Apartheid-era Cop‘s Memories of Nelson Mandela,” it states that Nelson Mandela was in prison and about to be sentenced to death, but the law freed him and some other men that were in

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