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The Taste of Fear So throughout Dr. Orman’s article on "How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear," there is a reiterated concept that everyone has their own taste of fear in public speaking. It’s not an uncommon feeling amongst individuals, and there are ways to effectively handle being successful in public speaking no matter the circumstances. Because as most people know, public speaking is an uncanny task we want no part of if not necessary. But in some situations you need to be able to speak in front of others to get your point across or a task accomplished, and this takes talking in front of smaller to larger groups. This can frighten individuals, so Dr. Orman has laid out a few key concepts to keep in mind that will allow you to taste confidence and no…show more content…
Orman lays out for us in a summed up version is that you cannot go into a speech believing all of them will be stressful, because that is a misconstrued thought. You don’t have to be the product of perfection or the Einstein of this speech to be successful nor do you have to sandwich every bit of information you can about your subject into the speech as if you were reading from an encyclopedia. When going into a speech, having the thought base that you need everyone’s approval on your speech is setting you up for a nervous wreck because you aren’t going to please everyone. Nor do you need to act like a mime to those who are good at public speaking, just need to be yourself because it shows a more humble and honest individual and an audience will pick up on that. Also, when faced with a difficult audience, it doesn’t mean your speech is defeated, because you can always use downfalls as an advantaged, like a way to improve your speech, for in the end, you cannot control what your audience does. Lastly, don’t over prepare, because it leads you to be more of a nervous wreck and you’ll be far from perfection that you tried very hard to obtain, because it doesn't hurt to have some criticism in a

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