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The Roman Empire is referred as a period in Ancient Roman civilization when Rome was ruled by dictatorial Emperors. As Rome conquered, many political, economic, and social problems developed. Eventually, these troubles led to a civil war. One of the key consequences of this civil war was the transformation of Rome, from a Republic to an Empire, but this change took over a century to be resolved. The new reign, which arose from the civil war was mainly from the work of two men; Julius Caesar and his adopted grandnephew, Octavian. Octavian was then later renamed Caesar Augustus. Julius Caesar, was a wonderful general, brilliant politician, and a notable man. He expanded the Roman Republic through many battles across Europe. He was the nephew…show more content…
Caesar and a group of his men crossed the Rubicon, which is a river that borders Italy from the Cisalpine Gaul. It was seen as an invasion of Italy and started a civil war from which he became as a dictator of Rome for his lifetime. Caesar had then took control of Rome; no ruler before him had been held for such extensive power over every branch of the Roman state. Caesar was then assassinated less than a year into his reign, by a group of his enemies, who were led by republican nobles, Marcus Brutus and Gaius…show more content…
As many as twenty-two emperors, had taken throne during this time and met with devastating deaths. The reign of Diocletian had temporarily restored some peace and prosperity in Rome, but at a high risk, due to the unity of the Empire. Diocletian then divided the power into “tetrarchy,” which is a rule of four. He shared his power with Maximian, who then recruited a pair of generals named, Galerius and Constantius. Galerius and Constantius were chosen as assistants towards Diocletian and Maximan. Diocletian and Galerius took control of the eastern Roman Empire, while Maximan and Constantius took over the west. The system suffered after Diocletian and Maximan left

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