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Roman Riveralies Antony and Cassius are possibly the most contrasting pair ever in the Roman era. Antony and Cassius are two major characters in the play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar is the story of opposing sides in which one conspires against the other and leads to the great Caesar's death. This inevitably causes tension and drama and results in the death of the conspirators. Antony and Cassius belonged to both opposing sides, making them very different characters. The major comparisons and differences to be discussed about Antony and cassius are the relationship with and thoughts of Caesar, Thoughts of Caesar’s Assassination, and the manipulativeness of Antony and Cassius. Antony and Cassius both had very different relationships with Caesar, and both had altered opinions of him. Caesar trusts Antony and they had a very close and personal…show more content…
The first occurrence of this is from Cassius, “I will this night, In several hands, in at his windows throw, As if they came from several citizens, Writings all tending to the great opinion That Rome holds of his name, wherein obscurely Caesar’s ambition shall be glancèd at.” (I.II.311-316) This is Cassius explaining his plan to manipulate Brutus into joining the conspirators, by putting false letters in his home saying convincing things. Cassius also manipulates Caesar by blindsiding him during the assassination, Caesar knew nothing of the plan, and believed that Cassius was on his side, even though they were not fond of each other. Antony is very manipulative too. Like Cassius, Antony will trick anyone to get what he desires. An instance of this is right after Caesar’s death Antony gives a speech at Caesar’s memorial, and without even mentioning the intentions of the conspirators, he manages to completely change the people of Rome’s perspective of the whole

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