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Attention Getter: Everyone knows of Julius Caesar but do you of his son Augustus? Introduction to the subject: Being the first emperor of Rome, and having to be Julius’s heir he had a lot on his shoulders; he had a lot to look forward to as well, as well as accomplish things at a young age. Augustus had started ruling at a very young age, and soon after went into a civil war with one very determined enemy, Thesis: Augustus’s life as an emperor of Rome was full of life and excitement if you count murderous inheritance, war, and having one really messed up family tree exciting. Augustus’s life before he inherited his great uncle’s power of being emperor; his childhood even that a young age still held, in some way, a lot of excitement. he was born and raised in the same empire that he would soon have to rule.…show more content…
he called the roman empire his home, and latter on his “occupation [would be as an] emperor” (“Augustus”). further more, augustus had three parents because his biological dad had passed away; his great uncle, Julius Ceasar, filled in as his adoptive father. after his father death he was left alone with no fatherly figure, but as luck would have it his great uncle took him under as one of his own; “the two became close after the young man accompanied the general on a campaign in Spain” and have been practically inseparable (“Augustus”). making sure that he stays on the right path, “his mother supervised his education and upbringing”, even after his fathers death (Brainard 87-88). during his long life and on the road to him growing up he was given many

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