Summary Of A Lifetime Of Student Debt

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Drowning in Debt or Just Tears? Ask yourself: would you rather buy a shiny new car or pay off your student debts? While the exciting answer of a new car is tempting, many do not have a choice in the matter. In Robin Wilsons “A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely” the issue of college loan debt is viewed differently than how many others perceive it to be. With 65 percent of graduates leaving college with an average of $20,000 worth of debt, the numbers at first glace look to be excessive (Wilson 257). However, Wilson disproves this theory of tremendous debt that many believe students have to deal with as the price of a college education. She explains how many students typically borrow sensibly and make reasonable lifestyle changes after graduation.…show more content…
“The only thing worse than borrowing, is not borrowing and not going to college at all” says Patrick M. Callahan, President of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (Wilson 260). Wilson argues that going to college, taking out a sensible loan, and paying it back in a timely manner is simply the best way. Loan money is cheap for college students, interest rates are incredibly low, and money is easily accessible, which some students might not take advantage of enough. This idea is supported by Caroline M. Hoxby, a professor of economics at Stanford University when she states “College is a very good investment, and most students take out too few loans, not too many,” (Wilson

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