Comparison Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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A. Firstly the death of Curley’s wife is shown by Priestley as a huge mistake, this is shown when Lennie says “I done a bad thing. I done a bad thing.” This is the first time in novella that Lennie is seen as realising that he has done wrong on his own, without George telling him, this shows that the event is a sort of point of no return for Lennie as he finally realises what he has done and how there is no going back. Furthermore the repetition of the phrase ‘I done a bad thing’ could show that Lennie is scared or worried about what will happen, which could indicate that Lennie is scared of George, he is worried what will happen to him when George discovers what he’s done so Lennie repeats himself trying to think of a plan. The fact that Lennie’s first reaction after killing someone is to worry about the consequences could show that George is rather hostile towards Lennie a lot of the time, this is seen in the play at various points, one of the first of which is at the start of the novel when Lennie tries to keep the dead mouse, George gets annoyed and angry at Lennie, resulting in him taking the mouse and throwing it away, an act which seems to the reader as unnecessary and cruel.…show more content…
This could be an attempt to show how the strong will naturally never get on with the weak, and will always be separated and discriminated

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