Fahrenheit 451 Technology Analysis

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Often times when people read books, they enjoy reading books that they can relate to, and in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 there are a lot of similarities to our world. They have futuristic technology, “futuristic” for the time it was written at least (1953). In the literature Bradbury predicts what the future will be like, with more technology and less books, and it almost could make someone uneasy with how accurate some of his predictions were. In this dystopian novel, Bradburry depicts a world with conformity, rebels, and many similarities to our current everyday lives. With the vast amounts of conformity in Fahrenheit 451 and the trivial amount of effort the civilians put forth to think on their own, the society the authorities have created…show more content…
When the fire captain, finds out he expected none less as he says: Beatty switched the green bullet off and thrust it in his pocket. “Well- so there’s more here than i thought. I saw you tilt your head, listening. First I thought you had a Seashell. But when you turned clever later, I wondered. We’ll trace this and drop in on your friend.” (pg. 112) Bradburry was able to predict that we would have technology that could do this. Similar to our cell phones, or more closely bluetooth headsets, Montag has his green bullet. Faber also predicts T.V. shows that consume us. We now have reality t.v. that people pay money for votes and cheer on who they want to win. In his book he writes about trains that ride on rails going faster than ever before. We have that. Systems that can tell you who is at the door. We have that. Disposable waste bins in people's home. Ever heard of a garbage disposal in our kitchen sinks? We have that. Interactive t.v. Almost like a video game right? So much technology that they have in this book we have invented something at least close to that. How freaky is

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