Is College Worth The Cost Essay

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College Is Worth the Cost Parents always want their kids into college. Parents want their kids in college, because they did not and they want better for their children. Parents always want their kids to have a better life than they did, they want bigger and better things for them. So, college is worth the cost, because it's a parents dream for their kids to be in college, so they can be successful in life. College is worth the cost, because people that attend college usually end up making more money in the end. The people that attend college obtain better and higher paying jobs. “The average debt now is about thirty thousand dollars for kids” (Anthony). Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher have higher earnings than the people with less…show more content…
Not everyone has to attend college to do what they want in life or to earn their dream career. “When we praise people who do work that is straightforwardly useful, the praise often betrays an assumption, they had no other options” (Crawford ). People will not only be able to provide for their self, but also their family (“Why Should You Go to College?”). Since college makes it easier to receive a nice paying occupation people would be able take care of their family as well as themselves. College may cost a ton, but most people earn all the money back, because people that attend college accomplish great occupations. (“Why Should You Go to College?”). Though college can cost a lot of money, there are programs to help pay for it, or a lot of people earn scholarships. Most people double their income by attending college, it causes it to be so much easier to go straight from of college and have a career. (“Why Should You Go to College?”). Being straight out of college and having a career already is so much more convenient, people will have bills to pay and food to pay for and it's harder when people are out looking and waiting for a career. Though it would be easy to just skip college and have an easy job out of high school people that attend college are better off in the long run. College is worth the cost, because most people who attend college have a larger income. People that attend college have better, higher
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