Personal Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Wealth

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Personal Rhetorical Analysis Essay Entrepreneurs and merchants have been essentially hated in all cultures throughout human history. Virtually the people who created the wealth, being the merchants, the traders and the entrepreneurs have been considered low men on the totem poll of society for centuries. The founders of America, however, flipped the social pyramid and created a society that would be committed to the creation of wealth through technology, trade, and entrepreneur capitalism. For thousands of years, wealth was obtained through theft, crime, and conquest. What the founders did was invented the idea of wealth creation as an alternative to conquest. This idea, known as Capitalism, is the state of a country’s trade and industry in…show more content…
Marx starts his article off with this idea of systematically underpaid workers. He questions the concept of wealth coming from goods being sold for more than they cost to make. Marx blatantly states “But if that is the case, don’t they [goods] have to be worth more than they cost to make?” (599). This concept seems elementary, in that how else would the company owner make a profit or what would be his incentive to make the goods in the first place? Products are formed by taking raw materials such as wood, paying laborers to take that wood, and turn it into furniture that people demand and will buy. The company owner in return makes a profit by selling his products, generating wealth, and sustaining a livelihood. Marx seems to convey that it is unfair to charge the consumer more than it cost to make the finished product. For example, if the raw material cost one dollar, and the labor cost one dollar, charging the consumer anything in excess of two dollars would be shortchanging the laborer. This concept is inefficient due to the fact that no money would be generated for the company owner, leaving open the question of what motivation does the entrepreneur have to accept the risk of running the

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