The Importance Of Gun Control

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Have you ever wondered how safe and secure our life would be if strict regulations have been applied on gun use? One of the main ongoing discussions, especially in the world, politics is the ownership of a gun. Gun control is usually mentioned as useless since most of the accidents held by gun powers affected innocent people, therefore it is mostly a weapon people fear from. There are many proposals with reference to what should done on this issue with some people suggesting that restrictions should be set that will see gun ownership being controlled by the relevant authorities (Esposito & Finley, 2014). Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured using guns. Furthermore, some of the wounded or the dead are in fact innocent but are…show more content…
Matters of security are entirely left to the federal government; it is the sole responsibility of the government to protect the citizens. Controlling guns is a two edged sword with both positive and negative perspectives. Regulation of guns would enhance the safety of the individuals who cannot afford to buy guns to protect themselves and crop up of militia groups due to being motivated by easy access of guns would be vital. As some agree on owning a gun with regulations, yet many people would agree on banding gun control, therefore gun control can be useless and useful with regulations, it creates armed population that do not prevent tyranny, and does not keep individuals safe in their…show more content…
The argument that when there are more guns in the public is a wrong. A research has been carried out in the United States of America to establish the relationship between gun control and the level of crime ('Encyclopedia of gun control and gun rights', 2012). According to the study, the information collected does not support the hypothesis that, when the public has more guns in it, there are low levels of crime. It has been found, at its best, the availability of guns to the public had a negligible effect on the crime rates. In fact, uncontrolled gun ownership in the public had an overall impact of increasing assault rates to the public at its worst. The increased ownership of guns leads to an increased cases of gun ownership. For example, homicide cases tend to rise when gun ownership by the public increases. The argument that people and guns kill people is not as wrong as it sounds; yet it is a fear internalized among society members and reduces instances of socially unacceptable traits. This argument has in one way or the other confused with the root causes of the gun violence and the proximate causes ('Gun control: we need a new conversation', 2013). The root causes of gun violence include the maladaptive nature of some people when it comes to decision-making. Such maladaptive decision-making may make an individual think of killing. Can he kill without a weapon? The presence of a gun avails a weapon that a

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