Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

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Is College worth the Cost? College has always been an important topic, for parents, students and for average day people. The question about college hasn't been resolved but If your pro College or not in this society college is the resolution for most because college can open a door opportunities in every direction and can make life tilt in whoevers favor. It’ll allow people to Be more successful in many fields of work or different work environments. College is also an opportunity that not all people have and we should be grateful by supporting it and letting it be more recognized by people who don't appeal to the ideals of college. Here some more information to convince. First, college will bring wealth through success. College can Bring these things because college will teach hard work and perseverance. College not only pushes people to the limit but motivates to complete any dream imaginable. How will it make people wealthy and successful? By giving an expanded a horizon of the economy especially because the economy isn't the best college can help rebuild the economy from the ground up. The earning gap between high school and college graduates is the widest it has ever been. In 2013, Americans with a four-year college degree made 98% more per hour, on…show more content…
Not only does a college degree help you get a job, it may also help you keep one. Over the course of their careers, college graduates are less likely to find themselves unemployed. The unemployment rate for college graduates ages 25 to 32 is 3.8% — that rate climbs to 12.2% for those with only a high school diploma. Those statistics are no comparison to people with only high school

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