What Is Worth The Cost Of College Education Essay

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There are many things that define you as a person, and one of the most important is education. More importantly, college education. Some people may question whether or not college is worth the cost. It’s surprising how few people know just how much a college education can benefit their life. Not only do college graduates make more money and find more jobs than someone with a high school diploma, but they live a happier and healthier life. Nowadays, people are blinded by the media. They think that they can become a famous and rich singer or reality TV star, with little to no effort or education. The reality is that a very small percentage of people are able to become successful and wealthy because of a career in sports or entertainment. On the other hand, college graduates are able to have a steady income, not to mention that they make more money than someone with just a high school diploma. College graduates make an average of 63 percent more in hourly wages (“Five Ways”). Over the course of a year, the money adds up, with fill-time working college-degree holders making an average of $17,500 more than someone with a high school diploma (“Study”). Now, I’m not saying that you can’t live a financially stable life without a college…show more content…
According to the Pew Research Center, “College-educated Millennials also are more likely to be employed full time than their less-educated counterparts (89% vs. 82%) and significantly less likely to be unemployed (3.8% vs. 12.2%)” (“The Rising Cost”). Thus, if a high school graduate decides to go to college, they are ensuring that they have security in their future. Also, “New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays” states that, “at 2.4 percent, the unemployment rate for workers with a professional degree was also the lowest of any education level.” This goes to prove that the higher level of a degree you have, the less chance you have of being

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