Importance Of Environmental Sustainability

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I grew up in Turkey, in a green setting surrounded by olive trees. I had the fortune to be able to spend time and play in nature smudged in soil. Undauntedly, I observed snakes, experimented with worms and stealthily followed hedgehogs. I believe my underlying desire to connect with and appreciate nature stem from these childhood moments. My parents still live in the same house, yet olive gardens are replaced by apartments; snakes, turtles and hedgehogs disappeared long ago. Disappointed deeply, I strongly believed that it was urbanization and industrialization that harmed environment, and as years progressed I realized that it is rather our ideas for growth negligent of nature, environment and future of next generations which is the real threat. When it was time for undergraduate studies, I ranked in 0.4% among 2 million students in the national university entrance exam and opted to study Business Administration at Koç University where I was offered a full merit scholarship. It was in my freshman year…show more content…
Not only is environmental sustainability important to secure our future, but also to preserve the ecological diversity, as human beings are not the only living beings on Earth. This requires us to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our lives. An article I read back then, revolving around the fact that 47% of my country, Turkey, is under a risk of desertification made me ponder; if we, as a society, continue following unsustainable ways in green areas, we might as well be forced to follow sustainable ways in desserts in the future. In a world where climate change has been one of the biggest challenges, I want to be part of the solution, and the solution is through environmental

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