Disadvantages Of Agriculture

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Agriculture. Agriculture plays important roles for human being. This is because, agriculture can contribute in percentages of increasing cases of poverty and hunger problem that been faced by some of the country in the world. Therefore, through biotechnology the production of crops can be increases by modifying the DNA to create a better crops that have higher resistant towards climate and diseases. Besides, it also can shorten the growth period of the crops thus reduced the time needed for the crops growth. According to research done in China, the global area of GM crops has increased from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 to 52.6 million hectares in 2001 (James, 2002). Besides, biotech traits have added 67.8 million tonnes and 62.4 million tonnes respectively to global…show more content…
This can be proven based on the research done by researchers that show that In 2007 the reduction of green house gas was equivalent to removing 14.2 billion kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or equal to removing nearly 6.3 million cars from the road for one year (Batra, 2009). Although biotechnology has give a large contribution in agriculture such as in crops production and resistant towards crops diseases, but it also have disadvantages. Study has show that consumer that consuming the Genetically Modified (GM) food or crops will probably have higher risk to have allergy. This is because, by changing the genetic of the food will make them to produce new allergens or toxin. Besides, it also will change and reduced the nutritional value of the crops that have been genetically modified compared to it original DNA. In conclusion, Biotechnology have contribute in human civilisation through agriculture due to it ability to genetically modified the DNA in crops, that increases the crops production. However, further study must be done in order to overcome the consequences of consuming the GM

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