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Introduction to Multimedia For this research I will look into the area of Multimedia, how the use of graphic in the modern world is important and compare and contrast two programmes in the media Graphics. Multimedia is the use of different combinations of media. It includes text, images/graphics, audio, video, animation and interactions through an electronic medium. It is use in some sort of computerized media. Multimedia is seen in many platforms like on websites, blogs, posters, apps, animations, podcast and advertisements. They allow interactivity between the applications in the form of GUI (graphical user interface). Many types of media are combined together to create any concept much clearer and more understandable. The general sections…show more content…
The posters, books, products, websites, signs and billboards. When it comes to an image over text our minds automatically go for the image. This is a normal physiology fact that we have proven right. An example of this fact would be book covers. We consumers would choose to by a book that catches the eyes attention, then we would read what the book is about. This is how important graphic can be in everyday life. If a simple image can grab your attention, you will focus on that image and later on can recognise it when you see it again. Eye catching poster, billboards are created from good graphic designing. Logo are one type of graphic that is effective when it comes to the role in the world of today. Major brands create logos that can represent the company in the most simplest. Companies and major brands gets graphic designers to create these logos and send the concept to the public in the clearest way possible. Nike is a famous brand known for their sports products but also for their logo. The Nike ‘tick’ is one of the most influential logos out in the world. Whenever one see’s the Nike ‘tick’, they immediately remind themselves of the brand…show more content…
In 1988 Photoshop was created by two brothers. One of the brother was a computer programmer called Thomas knoll who programmed the application. If it wasn’t for his brother John Knoll who was a photo-enthusiast and who suggested to make his graphic application into an image-editing software, Photoshop wouldn’t be known as Photoshop. When both brothers got the prototype programmed and was bought by Adobe. It was February 1, 1990 was when Photoshop 1.0 was released. Ever since then Photoshop continued to evolve with more features. This lead to a pack of software which is one of the leading brands. This was called the Creative Suite. Photoshop CS came out in 2003, this version introduced grouping of layers and scripts and languages. As time passes by the CS series kept updating with newer features, the programme became faster to use and the user interface improved from dark grey with light grey to a darker UI. Older features were also improved as each CS series were upgraded. The CC Series was introduced and software allowed users to create even more powerful

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