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Usage of Multimedia technologies to reduce stress among the adult learners 1B. Senthil Kumar BSc, MA Ad, DFTech, M.Phil Viscom, MA Jour, MFA Digit, MBA, ADB Maldives, Former Principal, E.S Pan Asian College of Art, Animation & Technology, Villupuram, TN 2Dr. L. Jayasimman, M.Sc, M.Tech, M.Phil, PGDCSA, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College, Trichy, TN ABSTRACT This research presents the experiments on use of multimedia technologies in learning computer science. Multimedia technologies are becoming more and more central to teaching and learning process. Stress affects mental and physical activity among the learners. Because of the stress the learners’ activities such as memory, exam performance will be affected. Multimedia tools play a very important role in teaching and learning process. This research analyzes the role of multimedia technologies in learning and teaching computer science among the adult learners between…show more content…
Multimedia refers to combination of printer, audio with system and multi combination of audio visual media, etc. Multi media includes the media like electronic media, digital media, social media, etc. Multi media tools and software develops the communication ways and paths in many areas. Especially the teaching and learning processes develop a lot. Multi media tools such as audio visual interactive projectors, smart boards, mobile learning devices, virtual 3D environments helps the learners to memorize the concepts as well as helps the learners to understand the basic structures with ease. Apart from flexible delivery the multi media tools reduces the stress in the educational environment by the way of simplicity. Multi media tools not only helps the learners to learn but also helps the trainers, educators, lecturers to deliver, store, transmit, print materials as well as in

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