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Discussion: Diversity in Malaysia New Media Art Abstract - New media art involve with blurring feature, since no divisions of disciplines. Consequently, allow the difficulty to appreciate as an art piece. Thus, this discussion attempts to introduce the involvement of varieties discipline into it, and to glimpse the gist toward the understanding of new media concept. Therefore, selection of artworks as a sample to analyze, thus introducing to some New Media artwork in Malaysia Modern art. Subsequently, these papers apply the theories, which related. Rationally, give us some overview toward the diversity and collaboration in Malaysia New Media art and produce different and new perspective and perception toward Malaysia Art scene today. Keywords:…show more content…
Subsequently, the complexity of diversity range a new dimension to artist creates a form of new media. New Media art involve with various type of discipline. The emergence of technology gave a lot of opportunity to us explore and experiment in creating art form. Hence, the concepts of new media art have to be clear understood before the forms create. In this contemporary world, visual art expand the divers, the discipline of artwork always collaborate with others discipline. Sometime, it brings difficulty to us trace and appreciates this kind of artworks. Therefore, we need to understand the concept of new media such the elements, and the principle. Subsequently, this research evaluate two samples artworks from new media form such as Animation Installation -“Mirror,Mirror on the Wall” – 1994 by Hasnul Jamal Saidon, and Multimedia Installation -Fairuz Sulaiman - Laksamana DO RE MIX 2013 this observation tries to understanding the concept that can easily us see the gist of this form, because the potential of new media art always gave the promise for current culture. According to Hasnul, cited by BSLN,(2008) found in both the Southeast Asian design paradigm (or the spiritual –based traditional art and cosmology) and the information age (or new age) paradigm. Thus, today our cultures move to a new paradigm, which the diversity of art tremendous. Subsequently, the…show more content…
Hence, Malaysia started this genre with the late of existing the video art. III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The discussion of New Media Art concept will define the definition of term, which involve with art and theories of McLuhan about medium understanding and Lev Manovich New Media Art with fives principles. Defining the form will be in formalistic analyses, which involve the types, element, and principle. Hence the contextual also highlighted. Then, the selection of NM artworks such as Computer Animation Installation and Multimedia Installation traced in 90’s – 2010’s. This research article has a few steps to achieve the result. Hence, the first step for that is concerning understand the definition of New Media itself which consist understanding of New, Media, and New Media through theory were define in literature review. Then, the stage of primary data provide the data on tracing the development of New Media artwork and artists in Malaysia Modern Art from 90’s to 2010’s. Yet, in this stage the focus on collaboration concept was justified. Subsequently, the selected artwork accessed accordingly base on formal and content analysis was recognizable the

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