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1.0 INTRODUCTION Based on American Library Association (ALA) Glossary of Library and Information Science, library automation can be defined as the performance of an operation, a series of operation or a process by self activating, self-controlling, or automatic means and automation implies the use of automatic data processing equipment such as a computer or other labour saving devices. In order to gain more knowledge of the library automation implementation, I chose Harvard University’s Library as the benchmark. Figure 1: Logo of Harvard Library Harvard Library was started in 1638. The Harvard Library system comprises 73 libraries or branches and the system is the oldest system in United States. It is the largest university library and largest private system in the…show more content…
Easy to retrieve information and library’s materials. Library automation is which information is processed from day-to-day by using computer and library systems. By using library automation that has been evolved until today, users can easily retrieve information and library’s materials. As example, online public access catalogue (OPAC), from there users can easily retrieve their library materials by searching call numbers from OPAC. 4.2 Challenges in library automation process: A. Budget constraints In implementing library automation, budget is the largest challenges. Costs in implementation of library automation are the acquisition, implementation, operation of the library systems and also costs of buying hardware and software. In order to fulfil all of these requirements, it needs high budget. Because of the budget constraint, some libraries cannot implement library automation in their library. B. Need of staffs’ training Because of the new implementation of library automation, library work is changing and staffs need new skills in handling those new automation. However, there are several library staffs being hesitant in learning computer skills and other skills related to the new

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