The Major Causes And Effects Of Soil Erosion

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Background What is soil erosion? Soil erosion is one of the most important environmental problem in the world because it associated with agriculture in tropical and semi-arid areas. Erosion can lead to environmental damage through sedimentation, pollution and flooding. Furthermore, eroded soils may lose about 75-80% of the soil carbon content and this eventually will cause emission of carbon to the atmosphere (R.C.P Morgan, 2005). This environmental effect has been environmental concern such as in China, about one-third of the total cultivated surface is undergoing serious water and wind erosion (Pimentel, 1993). Soil erosion is the process that occur naturally that involve three distinct stages; soil detachment, movement and deposition. Erosion at the inland are one of the serious problem in Malaysia. Inland erosion can cause loss of productivity of specific lands, damaging the soil sediment deposition and it can also harmful to plant, animal, and also human health due to pollution to air and water. Inland erosion also increases the restoration cost. There are three types of soil erosion which is sheet erosion, rill erosion, ephemeral erosion, and gully…show more content…
Deforestation is the activity that can damage the soil quality. Deforestation activity is mostly conducted by farmers to do agriculture activity by cutting the trees, to provide more space for planting their crops and grazing the livestock. Deforestation can become more serious when all the trees that function to anchor the soil particles is being cut and the soil cannot hold their structure and lead to landslide. Examples of deforestation can be found in the Zhipanshan forestry area, the forest area has decreased to 20% in 1949 until 1972, and between 1960 until 1965 vegetational cover in Ziwu Forest decreased to 44.2%. it is estimated that every year about 0.5 to1.6 cm of topsoil are lost per square meter (Ma ijun,

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