International Migration Case Study

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Introduction Migration is as old as humanity.This work will be attempt to explore the issue of international migration and brain drain in sub sahara africa with particular interest in the case of Cameroon. The concept of brain drain and historical background will be examined.Though a natural human reflex, this work will argue that some factors have proven to fuel this phenomenom in contemporary times considering its relatively high rate. That is the reasons and consequences of brain drain in sub saharan Afica with Cameroon the case in point. International migration According to the united Nations department of economic and social Affairs,international migration is a global phenomenon that is growing in scope,complexity and impact.Migration…show more content…
The international movement of talented people today can be traced back from the early history of mankind.International or internal migration of people from one country to another had always been justified by economic social and political reasons Fafa (2000).Futhermore,Tafah(2000) citing Todaro opines that international brain drain deserves to be disclosed not only because of the impact on the rate and formation of economic growth,but rather the impact on the the less developing countries educational

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