Social Research Proposal: Global Politics And Migration

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Research Proposal – Global Politics and Migration Research Question: How does marriage migration impact the ability of individuals, particularly women, to integrate into society and to participate in the labour market? What are the implications of this type of migration on integration policies? Migration within countries or across borders due to marriage is a trend that has become more common as a result of globalization and increased mobility and is, therefore, becoming increasingly important for policymakers and society to consider. A highly gendered phenomenon, marriage migration describes the various steps and processes undertaken by individuals in order to marry a resident of another country and can include the marriage of those who bring…show more content…
I will also argue that marriage migration is an incredibly gendered phenomenon that requires particular social, economic and political responses that take into account its unique concerns including violence, exploitation and the inadequacies of social services. Furthermore, marriage migration has very particular implications for the understanding of the family structure and the social reproduction process. In the first section of my paper, I hope to give an overview of the history of marriage migration and it's social, cultural and economic importance as to highlight the traditional understanding of transnational families as well as the role of spousal migrants in the labour market and broader social sphere. Next, I look to analyze specific case studies of marriage migration and its impact in specific regions, particularly in Great Britain, South Asia and within India where marriage migration has either long been a part of the nation’s culture and traditions or, as in the case of Great Britain, is becoming of increasing concern to policymakers regarding integration. Finally, I plan to provide an analysis of existing integration policies and what the future impacts of the policies may…show more content…
Through this analysis, Piper and Lee describe the potential for development in both sending and receiving countries and that marriage migrants do not exist outside of the labour market as they extensively participate in care and reproductive

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