The Importance Of Scafolding

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I believe that it is very important for teachers to guide and help their students analyze a text because that is the way you effectively scaffold. According to my ESL class, scaffolding is the difference between what a student can accomplish alone and what a student can accomplish with the help of a skilled individual. Thus, it is more beneficial for a teacher to help a student learn more about a text, than it is for a student to learn by themselves. All good teachers need to be aware of scaffolding and what scaffolding is to be the best teacher possible. I one hundred percent agree with this quote. The only way that you can become a good reader is by reading. It is very similar to how a good artist becomes a good artist. Good artists need to continuously practice their art and push their own limits. If artists do not push their own limits and continuously practice their art, they will not grow as artists and/or be as good of an artist. Thus, readers need to continuously practice reading and read harder and harder books. If readers do not do this, then they will not be as good of a reader as they can be and stay…show more content…
Nino, is going over root words with her students. Root words help students look at a word’s root or “base” word. For example, a student might remember that the root word “aqua” means water. When they see the word “aquifer,” they might remember that “aqua” means water and that the meaning of the word “aquifer” has something to do with water. However, I think that it is very important that students do not just use root words or “words within words” to help them identify what a word means. I think it is very important that teachers teach their students that they can look at how words are spelled and how they sound to find its meaning. Thus, students should use multiple strategies to help them determine a word’s meaning, just in case they cannot identify a word’s meaning with one

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