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It seems that the human brains’ reward center get stimulated by movement, some of us enjoy watching choreographed dancing, fighting, horse riding, action sports, car racing etc. this reward could either be something that is observed in real life or even seen in a movie. Until today scientists cannot really say why humans like movement so much, but is seems that we get a kick out of it. Movement within photography started centuries ago where athletics and other types of sports were documented by the sculpturing of masterpieces, during the historic Greek period. Then in the early 1840 Fox Talbot’s ‘calotype’ was invented but the process seemed to slow to record movement, later during 1851 he worked with the process to accelerate speed of emulsion and his aim was to record the movement, the wet Collodion was introduced. William attached pieces of the London Times newspapers on a wheel which he rotated in front of a wet plate camera in a dark room, the result was an…show more content…
During 1954 Sports Illustrated magazine helped sports photographers to become further ingrained in the public eye, the magazine helped to expose amateur and professional athletes of the world, sports photography history is strongly tied to lens technology. Adventure sports photography does not get the same attention as street, wedding and portrait photography does, but the same as all of the other categories we document art in different groups. I believe this category is slowly worming it’s way into the market. There are many different subjects that is categorized under sport and action sport, lets have a look at street fighting this can make extraordinary images, this is surreal and plays a double categorical role, street documentary and sports. Sports photography provides factual records of

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