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Review of Literature 2.1 Introduction: The term tribe is derived from the Latin word “tribes” meaning the poor or the masses. In English language the word “tribes” appeared in the sixteenth century and denoted a community which claimed descent from a common ancestor. This chapter attempts to give an insight into the tribal studies in national and international level. The review of the preceding important studies on the socio-economic status of the tribal in national and international level is relevant for understanding the specifications of the situations in Kalrayan Hills of Salem District, Tamil Nadu. This chapter presents the review of literature in the following heads, 1. Tribal people and their Occupation 2. Tribal people and Economic Status 3. Tribal people and Educations 4. Tribal people and Development Programmes 2.2…show more content…
Anbazhangan (2009) , stated that most of the people in Pothigai hills are only settlers and are called “kanikars”. The word, “malayali” refers to two Tamil words (i.e.,) malai-means Hills, and yali-means Rulers of the Hills or dwellers. He also mentioned that they lead a primitive life and are Hindus by religion, having their own customs and social life and earn their livelihood mostly from agriculture and animal husbandry. They have low income and most of the people are uneducated and intend work in different fields like fishing wood cutting, honey collecting, cultivating ayurvedic medicinal plants, dumber pidithal, tapioca cultivation, goat farming, and food gathering. He affirmed that to avoid migration and its hard ships; more area-specific employment generation schemes can be introduced and the exiting programmes can be revamped. Since there is a growing awareness among women in the tribal areas, they can be helped with more funds and change their culture through educational facilities and providing employment opportunities for in these areas welfare schemes if planned well and executed it can help in improving their economic

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