Importance Of Gender Equality Essay

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Rana Boukhari Informative Outline Topic: Gender Equality: The Political Aspect General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: My speech seeks to inform the audience of a certain facet of the gender equality issue: Political equality between the sexes. Political equality has been, for a while now, the focus of the international arena. The audience of my speech will be my classmates with various majors whose age’s range somewhere between 19 and 22. Moreover, it also seeks to address a community where political equality remains out of reach and surrounded by many questions. To exemplify, Lebanon is a country where women are still considered inferior, politically speaking, in contrast to men. Such sample will be informed about this dilemma…show more content…
Finally, I will be touching on the one-sided women evolution. In particular, whilst women in first world countries were rising in the political world. The Middle East Region specifically, has not seen the same upsurge. This topic focuses on how to improve women in politics today in the Middle East and the gaps in our leadership system. II. Body: A. Gender Equality in the political arena has been minimal to non-existent throughout history. Women leadership was not even considered in history and the political system was laregely dominated by men. 1. With the inception of civilizations, men instantly took over decision making which later developed into the political male dominance in the world of today. (Examples of tribes and early civilizations) (Wikigender, 2014). 2. The role of war has played a major part in male domination for hierarchy. To be specific, the origin of state started all of male domination. The rulers of the states that won at war were men and therefore thought of ruling to be given strictly to men. (Adams, 1979). 3. Electoral rights, throughout history, were discriminating against women. They weren’t granted the right to vote. This practice still persists in many African countries up till today. (Wikigender,

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