St Peter Institute Case Study Benefits

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St. Peter Institute St. Peter Institute provides numerous career opportunities to the students to empower the learners with skills, knowledge and values needed for institute preparation, advancement and workforce entry. The support services are enriched with learning environment and promote an appreciation of cultural diversity, academic excellence and social responsibility. The mission of the St. Peter Institute is to develop and educate the individuals and make an important difference in the lives of the students in the worldwide. It is situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD and is easily accessible through public transport. It lies only at a minutes’ walk from Parliament station and from Melbourne main shopping centre, banks, doctors, food court and libraries. Library Services There is a huge library situated in the college campus that students can make use of. To borrow learning resources and books from the library, you will need staff or student ID card. Students are allowed to borrow learning resources for a period of one week and trainers can borrow resources for the duration of the unit of competency. Students can borrow one item at a time whereas; trainers can borrow 5 items at a time. Students can renew a book, if there are no lodged requests by other…show more content…
However, they may refer students how to make appropriate accommodation arrangements. International students can choose from a variety of accommodation options such as home stay, hostels, private rental accommodation, etc. Depending upon the lifestyle, budget and feasibility, students can pick an accommodation option that best suits their needs. Home Stay programs are ideally suited for first year students. However, once they have got acquaintance with the neighbourhood and surroundings, they can choose other accommodation options such as hostels or private

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