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The Aging Simulation Workshop at Aging Simulation Centre has been a meaningful and unforgettable experience, which has given me the chance to better understand the daily challenges and obstacles older adults face. The most profound situation in the stimulating workshop is that i had my first personal experience with age-related impairment by wearing some special equipment like wearing reading glasses to reduce visibility, wear knee restrictors limit the range of motion of the knee and ankle weights to reduce leg strength making the legs cumbersome and heavy. The Wear & Tear theory and physiological & biological of aged-related changes which is relating to that impressing experience. According to Wear & Tear theory, biological aging is simply…show more content…
That is the cycle of life. Due to the efflux of time and wear and tear, the value of any asset decreases. According to this theory, due to the external factors that our body is subject to damage and degradation, hence, our health depreciates. With age, the body loses its ability to damage repairs and combat diseases. Our body is subject to abuse by external elements and also by usage. There are various external agents, such as chemicals and harsh climate that damage our body cells. In addition, there can be various other reasons, such as smoking and over consumption of alcohol, that can add to the damage done to the body. Lifestyle and over usage may accelerate the frequency of damage to the body. Like our skin, which is the most delicate and exposed part of the human body. Apart from weather, sunlight and bruises all are the result of wear and tear the skin is being subjected to. With age, there is thinning of the epidermis, and it appears more…show more content…
Ageing stimulation provided me a meaningful and unforgettable experience, which help me to change attitudes and improve empathy toward older adults by providing with structured opportunities to experience the functional, physical, and environmental challenge older adults have to contend with. As a nurse, it is necessary to be proficient in the basic skills of our profession regarding aging adults. In addition, nurses need to understand the perspectives, beliefs, and experiences of older individuals in our care in order to identify unique needs and respond appropriately. This clinical empathy is crucial in a therapeutic relationship and has been linked to improved patient outcomes. To improve nursing practice or elder service, it is important to enhance emotional support, empathy and respect. Moreover, nurses have to pay attention to physical and environmental needs for the elderly. To increase their autonomy, if possible, involvement in decisions and respect for

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