In Cold Blood Two Murderers

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Once brutal murder happens, it always takes detectives or the police a long time to find out the truth. Murderers’ characteristics and behaviors reflect why they kill people cruelly and directly influence the way they commit a crime. It turns out that murderers would have certain characteristics in common. This essay will argue that in novel “In Cold Blood” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, murderers, Perry, Dick, and Misfit, all have characteristics that distinguish them from the others. Similar characteristics exist in these three murderers include easy to be infuriated, disrespect life, and cannot be recognized by society. First of all, those murderers are easily irritated because of their distinct former experiences. When Perry enters the Clutter’s house, Mr. Clutter says like an old father to comfort his families that “It’s all right, sweetheart. Don’t be afraid. These men, they just want…show more content…
In jail, “Perry felt all by himself. Like somebody covered with sores. Somebody only a big nut would have anything to do with” (260). Perry always lives by himself because no one cares him, even his families. Although Perry has talents in music, art and longs for education, his parents do not pay attention to those talents. Therefore, no one recognizes Perry’s advantages, which leads to his isolation from society. Similarly, Misfit is also abandoned by society, especially from the perspective of religious belief. He says in dismay that “ I would think it was coming to me, but it never come” (27). Misfit is disappointed because he once believes that God may come and save him. However, it seems that his religious belief does not accept him since he is accused of killing his father. The lack of social identity then leads him to become a dangerous murderer who regards others’ lives as nothing. Therefore, the lack of social acceptance make those criminals isolated from

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