The Devil In The White City Analysis

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world where prisoners cast off their shackles is almost unimaginable to the society we live in today. As far as we know, murderers are locked away somewhere where we will never have to worry about them, however in nineteenth century Chicago, this was not the case. In a time period where self preservation was vital, people tried not to notice the horrors of their surroundings. There has never been a time period more unstable than the nineteenth century; killers ran rampant, the economy was horrible, and the environment was being destroyed. Nonetheless that does not take away the beauty of creation, and the advancing of society. In the novel, The Devil in the White City, the story follows two men. Both are strong willed, determined, and intelligent,…show more content…
He truly changed the perspective that many people had on America. Holmes on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He encompasses all of the evil that Chicago possessed. Using a facade of charm and empty promises, Holmes lures innocent women into a trap, that will only end with their body in a trunk. At the end of the nineteenth century, although it was a time of monumental growth for Chicago, a dark root emerged from the flowering city. The city became plagued with dangers spawned from murderers, an abysmal police force, and Unions that refused to back down. Lost in the frenzy of construction, it was easy for murderers to escape justice in nineteenth century Chicago. Perhaps the most notorious serial killer of all time was named H. H. Holmes, who ended two hundred nameless, faceless womens lives. Although the police managed to figure out around nine confirmed murders, there were over two hundred missing women during this time period who lived in Chicago. It is now guessed that Holmes was responsible for nearly all of them. Holmes found Chicago to be the perfect breeding ground for his evil doings. He managed to build a murderous motel just around the corner from The World’s Fair. Holmes used the fair to his advantage. While all of

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