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A brief history of Dexter before he was adopted by his late father Harry. Dexter Morgan witnessed the murder and dismemberment of his mother when he was only a child, along with his older brother Rudy who was only a few years apart in age. The police discovered the two young men in a shipping container two days later. Both of the boys were in a pool of blood with their mothers body parts. One of the policemen decided to adopt only little Dexter because he feared Rudy was already traumatized and could not be saved. This would cause Dexter to have no memory of having an older brother. As the years progressed Dexter would get urges to kill, and so he killed a lot of small animals. Harry knew that Dexter would ultimately one day take another persons life, and so he verbally teaches Dexter codes to follow. The number one rule is not to get caught, and the second rule is not to kill innocent people. Flash forward into the TV Series Dexter, we are introduced to Dexter…show more content…
Dexter makes the code Harry taught him his own code by shifting codes to work with his moral standards, he takes the time to do research on a person so that he is fully aware that without a doubt the person is a killer then he organizes a room with artifacts showing proof of the murderers killings which is apart of a kind of Modus Operandi for him, a ritual that he follows which helps display the morality of his actions. Dexter believes that killing a person outside of his code is morally wrong because they do not fit the standards that prove that they are a person who "deserves to die". Dexter Morgan morally believes that his urge to kill should be shined towards murderers that will continue to kill. Dexter is a serial killer with morals. Dexter exercises his moral code throughout every single season, but the first season really allows us to see that regardless

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