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ABOUT MY INTEREST IN THE ACTOR I got to know him first when I watched his movie “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke”. When it was released in 2001, I was a small kid. But, after many years, as I got the chance to see it, I did it with utmost attention. I have no qualm to accept that he was never my favorite, because, I had already my favorites, and those were Akshay Kumar and Amir Khan. I was a diehard fan of Amir Khan since I had seen his “Raja Hindustani”. It was a huge hit in its own time and stole the hearts of many young girls and boys. But, I got hooked on Salman Khan when I watched his film mentioned above. His style of acting, perfect comic timing, behavior and personality appealed me very much, and left a profound impact on me. It was the…show more content…
He was an actor and screenwriter. His ancestors had come to India from the Alkazoi Pathan tribe, Afghanistan to Madhya Pradesh some 150 years ago. His father was a police officer. He was young when his mother had died. In 1964, he married Sushila Charak, a Maharashtrian beautiful woman. She later converted to Islam and adopted the name, Salma Khan. Salma’s father, Mr Baldev Singh Charak hailed from Jammu. In 1965, on 27th December, the duo together had a child, named, Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, their first child. Another addition of a beautiful and lovely face in the illustrious family chain that was going to flaunt quite a few physical characteristics of the ancestors when he would reach in his prime. The child gave them many flashes of ecstasy. His innocent smiles were like the tenderness of the rays of winter sunlight; his cries had the soul filling power of the finest piece of music of the greatest masters. Every day was a surprise for them, because, they did not know what was he going to do and give them at the end of the day. Moments of excitement would come and go like shadows of one’s own figure. When he gained some strength and tried to stand on his own feet, it gave them an immense joy and contentment. They could see him now running,…show more content…
He debuted as an actor with K. Amarnath, who luckily saw him at a wedding party. His charming and alluring looks mesmerized him completely. He asked him to come to Mumbai and instantly offered his new film to be made as an actor. He paid him Rs.400 a month. It proved a successful venture. He, then, gave a good seven years of his precious life as an actor to the Hindi cinema. In many other films, he appeared as an actor, but mostly in small roles. Those films were Teesri Manzil (1966), Sarhadi Lootera (1966), Diwana (1967), in all of them as a supporting actor. Then, at that moment, on 1 august, 1967, Salma Khan gave birth to another child when Salim Khan was busy doing the flick,

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