Izod Wolfe In Darkness

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“And if there is no God and never was, then I call up the Diabolos, the Dark One, to use me” (p37). Darkness, it shrouds the life of Izod Wolfe in the novel Edward Britton by Gary Crew and Philip Nielsen. Izod is a young boy who has faced a lifetime of tragedies and his means of coping with his past is by responding in a negative manner. In the novel, he’s portrayed as a malevolent adolescent whom is consumed by vengeance and hatred. Izod can also be depicted as a murderous villain. He’s also a damaged soul, that just wants to appease his family and find peace for himself. Izod Wolfe is a boy who wishes and manages to alienate himself from others. Izod is a malevolent boy hellbent on his quest of revenge. Thoughts of evil, vengeance and hatred are entertained within Izod’s mind to no avail. His life “goal”, to make the man who destroyed his family suffer (Buckridge), won’t be halted in anyway. Motivated by revenge, Izod has the…show more content…
His main target is Buckbridge but he wants to prepare for the big kill by eliminating a smaller victim. Chaplain Bennett is that unfortunate victim, however Izod’s plans of poisoning the Chaplain don’t fall through (p59). Each passing day that Buckridge remains alive, Izod’s hatred grows stronger beyond human comprehension. Later on into the novel, Izod sets his plan into motion to rid the monster that is Buckridge. “The pistol was cocked and Izod pulled the trigger. The blast threw him off balance and he staggered back, avoiding Buckridge’s blood and brains, which splattered over Hecht.” (p233-234). His first, true kill was that of the man who had caused him so much suffering and it was the only kill he ever wanted and the only one he needed. His mission had been fulfilled, his family received the vengeance they deserved and his damaged soul found some kind of

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