Comparing The Landlady And A Tell-Tale Heart

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In the short stories “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl and “A Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe the authors use a literary device in which they make the readers feel evoked to the story and it makes them feel uncertain about the ending of the story while making them feel engaged, which is called suspense. In “The Landlady” by Dahl, Billy Weaver wanted a fairly cheap place for the night to stay in but ended up finding a more exquisite place to stay in for less than what he was willing to pay so he enjoyed the hotel and the lady seemed too nice. In the short story “A Tell Tale Heart” by Poe, a man denies the fact that he is insane but he has a strong dislike for an old man’s eye that drives him crazy so after seven nights, the man who claims he is not mad murders the old man by suffocating him and later dismembering his corpse. Therefore, suspense is paraphrased in the short stories "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl and "The Tell Tale Heart" by…show more content…
In Roald Dahl’s story “The Landlady” and in Edgar Allen Poe’s story “A Tell Tale Heart” both authors use character development to create suspense. Roald Dahl is very detailed when developing characters when depicting suspense in “The Landlady”. “Haven’t there been any other guests here except them in the last two or three years…No, my dear, only you.” This quote is said in “The Landlady” and reveals suspense by showing that the lady demonstrates an eerie feel because of how no one has come in or left the hotel leaving Billy to wonder that the lady is not as what he seems and you can infer that Dahl characterized the lady as creepy. Dahl also illustrates “The back was hard and cold, and when he pushed the hair to one side with his fingers, he could see the

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