Improving My Writing Skills

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As a writer, what I find that the most challenging is to make sure that my punctuation and grammar are correct. I sometimes use the wrong tense of a word and either add too many commas or forget them altogether. I believe my strengths are that I have the ability to put what I am feeling into words, or that I can convey information into my own words. I believe that my writing could always use some improvements, and will always be able to be improved on. Based on the feedback I have received during this class, I need to make sure that my papers are formatted correctly, my grammar and punctuation is correct and that I am meeting the word count. I believe I have the formats down, and have saved the guides just in case. When it comes to my grammar…show more content…
The writing center is a great place for information and how to make a paper the best it can be. The tutors are available at no cost, which to me is amazing! I sometimes find that I get stuck when writing a thesis, so I will be reaching out for help when needed. I try to write often, not just for school, this way I get to practice my writing skills. In the past I have written APA papers for school, reports on subjects, biographies, and poetry. My favorite type of writing is poetry. Poetry is an outlet for me, and allows me to put my feelings onto paper and get my messages out. Poetry can be a window to someone’s soul, a way for others to get to know you or understand you better. I also really enjoy reading poetry. The writing I have done in the past will differ from what I will do in future classes because all of the writing I have done was not always on an academic level. My past writing has mainly been on a personal level, I think writing on an academic level is both challenging and interesting, I like to be challenged. I believe as long as I stay in the required formats and stick to academic writing, not always in the first person, I will do great with whatever paper I have. Academic writing is a style all in its own, meaning keeping the tone of the paper on the subject and remembering to keep the paper on

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