Unbiased Reflection

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The process of writing this paper was long and difficult for me. The objective of the assignment of writing about a public issue while remaining unbiased was challenging for me. It was hard for me to grasp the concept of unbiased. Although I understood what biased means, it was still hard me not to write in a bias direction. The public issue I choose was the components of meat that increases the risk of cancer. Biomedical scientists claim that chemicals inside meat increases the risk of cancer, while meat-consumers claim that eating meat does not cause cancer unless the meat is not cooked or cleaned properly. Although there tons of evidence to support the biomedical scientists’ claim, there was no evidence to support the meat-consumers ‘claim,…show more content…
Because I had no sources to write about their side of the argument, my paper only consisted of the biomedical scientists’ of the agreement. Although my professor said it is fine that I only have the biomedical scientists side of the argument because their evidence were ‘facts’, I was still worried that my paper seemed biased. One area that my writing has improved was organization. I usually struggle with order of ideas within a paragraph, but this time I was able to visualize the general ideas of my paragraphs in a logical order. I knew exactly where I wanted the ideas to be in the paper, which is a major improvement. It typically takes twenty-five percent of time of my writing process to organize my ideas, but this time it took me about five percent of my writing process time to organize my ideas; however, I still need to improve my thinking skills. Although I improved in organizing my ideas, I still struggle with developing ideas. I am moderately skilled in thinking of the general direction of my paper, but it is difficult for me to figure out how to get my paper in that direction. In other words, I need to improve in coming up with ideas on what write about the topics I choose. I spend about eighty percent of time in my writing process trying to figure out what to write about in a specific topic. Also, my grammar is another area I needs

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